which one do u need?

November 7, 2007 8:06pm CST
in our lives, we meet so many friends. some always encourage us when we are afraid of doing something or when we face failure. some always critized us when we do something not that perfectly. so, which kind of friends do you prefer?
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• United States
19 Nov 07
I would say I prefer to have friends who encourages me. Someone who stays through the test of time. I would be a true friend to them so I would expect no less. If they critize me then it's okay if it is for constructive reasons but if they are doing it because they are mean then I really don't need them in my life at all. Why have people who are mean to you and put you down in your life you meet enough bad apples out there just keep the good ones. The bad ones might turn the good ones bad. So toss the bad ones out.
@khateya (265)
• Australia
17 Nov 07
i really like to make friends, as long as they are not such kind of person who like to show off and look down on other person. we r human so we have our right. we don't have the same characteristic so i don't ask them to change or adjust their habit for me. just be trustful and not look for benefit from friends,
• India
8 Nov 07
For me i would prefer Friends that wud be true to me n help me find truth as well....no matter dat coment of mite hurt me but for me truth matters no matter wht.....criticism alz helps as i improves u to an extent.....n help u conquer adversities in life.....
@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
8 Nov 07
For this case I will need for friends that criticize me because they are actually giving me free advice about my point of weakness. Normally people who like to criticize they won't develop themselves and like to look people to develop. I will take their contra ideas to strengthen myself in accomplishing my tasks as sometime I overlook my weakness. After successful or accomplish my tasks, I will make them work for me. They are follower and not leader. Criticism is just like a "thrust force" for me to go ahead. Actually we need both sides in our life to make ourself develop and to be more creative and innovative. Just like on mylot, if nobody give critics, we actually don't know how to create quality discussion. As we think that ours is always right. Just matter-of-fact in the real situation we are not developing. The constructive critics.
• United States
8 Nov 07
dear qinqin, your questions are intriguing. it's fun to discuss stuff like this! i just prefer the friend that always tells me the truth, but can sugar-coat it if they know that it will hurt my feelings!!