Any other way to decrease hypermethropy?

November 7, 2007 9:08pm CST
I wearing glasses and wishing to decrease my hypermethropy. I have minus 3 for my glasses at now in both of them (left and right). Any idea how to decrease my minus eyes? Thanks for your advise, anyway
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@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
8 Nov 07
If you have tried many treatments previously and it does not works for you, now you have to concentrate on building the flatten curve of the retina that caused your focus point falls behind the retina. Or also call as farsightedness. Building retina by natural resources of food intake. Taking favorite recipes containing eye-healthy ingredients like; spinach, carrots, corn, and squash. I heard it does help but I don't have any testimonial to give you right now.
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@dpk262006 (56558)
• Delhi, India
10 Nov 07
I simply have idea. It is better you consult a specialist Doctor for advice. Have a great day!
@Lakota12 (42681)
• United States
8 Nov 07
the eye DOctor should be able to tell you that .
@alamode (3073)
• United States
8 Nov 07
Hun is farsighted. He had lasik surgery a few years ago, but it did very little, and not for long. He continues to wear glasses, and has been told there is nothing else he can try because of his diabetes.