does drinking water in empty stomach gives good health?

@vsraovsr (734)
November 8, 2007 12:26am CST
I have seen many people who are health conscious,drink atleast half litre of drinking water soon after waking up in the morning.I read in some health magazines that it washes out the toxins accumalated in the body if u take at least a glass of water before bed tea or coffee in the morning and gives good health.Is it true?
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@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
8 Nov 07
With no objection as it is perfectly true. Especially when you take alkaline drinking water. What ever it is the most is water, very good for your digestive system but make sure it is a warm water neither chilled or cold, the best the drinking water temperature is justly nice like our normal body temperature i.e. 37 degree celcius.
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• India
8 Nov 07
Yep..i drink about half a litre of water,soon after i wake up.. It not only gives you a refreshing feeling, but also removes the toxins and cleans the Bowel completely. As you may know, that many of our health disorders are rooted to the Constipation problem.. And drinking a water at regualar intervals get rid of this constipation problems. Happy mylotting and take care friend.
@pinay81 (1538)
• Philippines
8 Nov 07
yeap its good not only in the morning everytime we drink water makes us pee so its mean all the toxins come out because of the water and every morning i make a glass of water w/ honey and before sleep i drink again another 1 glass also good for the skin:-)
@peanutjar (5211)
• Canada
8 Nov 07
Hi vsraovsr,i drink 8 glasses of water a day spread out evenly.It helps with my skin tone,blemishes,flushes toxins out of my system and our body is mostly made up of water so we need to replinish it,especially when sweating so we do not become dehydrated and swivel up into prunes,hahahaha!:)Teasing;) Peanutjar:)