What is life?

November 8, 2007 8:44pm CST
What is life ? How to live a happy life?Why there are so many people live frustration?
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• United States
9 Nov 07
When you think of how to live a happy life, it is more simple then people think. Granted, this is coming from someone who has yet to obtain this but this is my theories. I think all you really need in life is good people to love and great friends who are always there. There is always the saying that Money is great if you have someone to share it with. Well it is true. Most people think a million dollars would make them happy. Well what if you had a million dollars and all the loved ones you are around now were no longer there, and you had the money all to yourself? Personally, I would'nt be able to enjoy if, if there was nobody to enjoy it with. Actually, give me a million dollars and we'll test this theory out ;)
• China
9 Nov 07
Good day !dear Angel.I can not agree more with you .If there is no people to share our money ,how can we enjoy it ? In recently the society where money is so-called improtant ,I believe there are still some people cherish the love and relatives,not only the money.Thank you for sharing.