November 8, 2007 9:55pm CST
I have talked with my general manager about love. My general manager said finding true love is difficult . Because the girl or femal like money ,like house , like cars. If you don't have money , house and cars , find a good girl is difficult . But i deny my general manager's viewpoints. I agree that money , house and car are very important in the lie . But i think true love has nothing to do with money ,car,house . If you love each other truely. Do you think you will pay more attention on money ,car ,house . I don't think so . If without money ,don't talk love , I think that is not true lve
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• China
9 Nov 07
love means i like and trust my lover,means i can do anything for him ,not only money,car,house but most important ,it means i have confidence to accept his weakness.