I'm sick of being a lawyer - suggestions on a new career please!

November 9, 2007 12:48am CST
I've worked as a lawyer for a few years and I'm sick of the lifestyle! It's just work work and more work. Suggestions on a new career please!
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@SarahJaya (412)
• India
25 Feb 08
If you feel that being a lawyer is work work and more work then you can go for teaching profession. You are having a law degree and expeience as a lawyer, You can work in any law college. There you will enjoy being amongst the students and also have holidays to enjoy life. I myself is a Lecturer and I am happy in the teaching Profession.
• India
2 Jan 08
It would be better if you analyse why you dont like being a lawyer. May be you could change the scope of your practice.
• Philippines
9 Nov 07
Well, I guess everyone of us always come to a point of being tired of what we are doing. No matter what our profession is, we just get fed up that we want to change direction or career. Like me, I'm also tired of my job now, but what can I do? It's not easy to get a good job now considering that I have a family who depends on me. And I am here already for 20 years at the same institution. Why don't do you think it over and over? What do you really want now? From there, you'll know where to go. Like me, I took up a degree in early childhood education two years ago because I wanted to teach small children now and have plan of working overseas. In fact, I have regrets now because I did not follow my mother's advice to take an education degree as we are from a family of educators. I saw teaching profession that time as a low paying job. I could have been abroad already. LOL I already have offers, but my present job is holding me because it's already a security for me and my family. Besides, I earn more than when I teach in preschool. So I suggest you think it over - what do you really want now? I cannot decide for you, because I have a different outlook, purpose and want. Goodluck...
• United States
9 Nov 07
Hm, so I guess I should just...not want to be a lawyer then. Haha. I'm young and still don't know what I want to do, being a lawyer appeals to me...but then again so does being a psychologist, a nurse, therapist, etc etc. Did you get any other degrees in College? Do you have a family? Your decision all really depends on what your home situation is and your background. I suppose I can't, or anyone for that matter, really help you out with this one. You're on your own for the most part. Good luck! :)