Tired of working.....Are you an employee? Or have a family business?

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November 9, 2007 8:22pm CST
Hi mylotters friend I am here again in mylot after few days of being not online in mylot. How are you? Im sorry if I havent been participating for a long time, maybe a week or so. Well, its just that I am quit busy of my work, doing payroll and other reports not to mention the fact that every end of the month a financial statement must be out asap for a company meeting. Do you guys sometimes feel tired of working? Me as of now that's what I exactly feelin', tire of working and want to stay at home if possible. I am working in a small company here in our country, the nature of our business is a restaurant and I am working in the office. Our restaurants have 4 branches and 7 franchises, for this of course we are so busy of all the office works, though for the payroll and other financial reports of the franchise restaurants are not in charge to us, we are still so many loaded works from our branches and other matters with regards to our company. At first we are only 6 employee working in the office, we are all incharge in different aspects of our business need, lately our boss hire so many new employee 2 people as his assistant and four other new employee for the assistant of our marketing dept. Unfortunately this people that he hired are not probably helping us instead added our loaded job to keep on attending their needs and become their assistant in everything they do because they dont know how to do the things that our bosses gave them. Not only that, we are all pressure for the behaviour of our boss, maybe he is insane of putting up 10 booths of push carts in a very small area, he didnt even think of the outcome of it, 10booths is not good in a very small place even if it is a place for a children, if the people want the products/food that the store offer to them most probably they will look for that store even in a very far place. Not only that he keep on opening a new booth for a cart in different places without formality, I mean no contract at all, all he do is pay and pay and give deposits for the place as his rental and after a month here comes the problem, the 3 booths of push cart he opened are forcily closed by the owner of the outlet and some government org. because of the violation of the previous lessors'. That's why now we are losing money for the foolish decisions that our boss made. But he didnt actually accepts mistake instead making us more pressure of things that he want to have.grrrrr.... so hard having boss like him...a gifted one.. Do you working? Where? A family business or other company? Are your boss gifted too?lol! Do share your thoughts..thanks
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• United States
10 Nov 07
Welcome Back!! Well, I work part time, plus I run my own photography studio out of my home. I try to pick up a few child care jobs as I can, and I also have a weekend paper route. I'm 23 years old, so some of those things may seem a little childish, but, they are things I can do and bring my daughter along. She helps me with the papers, and she gets to play with the kids when I babysit. She can play in her room while I do photo shoots, and my part time job is at a daycare, so she can go with me. I can't really afford child care, so those things work good for me. I am going to college starting in January to get a Dietary Management Certificate, and then a Food Sanitation Certificate. After that, I will be opening my own restaurant here in town.
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• Romania
10 Nov 07
Well i not working yet....hope to start soon,i am still a student so my entire time was focused on college....but i am a few months to graduate....so i am going to look for a job.
@rakeshdas (428)
• India
10 Nov 07
In short, I am student ... earning money thru FREELANCE content writing jobs and so !! also I am playing in a band called SKARLET RESONANCE which is still in a grass-root level ... hope it will become one of my source of income since I am thinking to take music as my semi profession!! ... and since i am a student from IT have a will to get a good job ... Last but not least we have family business of construction too !!
• China
10 Nov 07
I work in a school.we are busy all worktime.though I like the job I feel tired . I wish I enjoy life more..
@jillbeth (2711)
• United States
10 Nov 07
I am self-employed. I buy abandoned storage units and sell the contents. It's a lot of fun but can be a lot of work, too. I also write articles and sell them online. And we just recently started raising worms. I worked in a factory for 25 years before quitting, and I enjoy being able to set my own hours, work when I want, and have time to help babysit the grandkids, too!