how to be a good actor?

November 9, 2007 10:44pm CST
hey.. can someone give some guidelines to be a good actor.. or to make your acting a little bit natural..
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@dodo19 (33316)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
30 Oct 08
It's not always easy to be an actor, or play a character. I know, as I'm studying to be an actor myself. But here are a few tips. And I hope they are going to be useful. One thing you should do is to analyze your character. Get as much information on the character as possible. How old is your character? Where is s/he from? What are her or his likes, dislikes? Any questions that helps you to get to know who you are playing. If you're not sure, ask the director. Because after the writer, the director is most likely the best person qualified to help you out. Another suggestion is to look at your character's relationship with other characters. Is one of them a relative? A friend? Sister/brother? And does your character have a good relationship with them? This will help you get a sense of your character would behave in presence of those characters. One last tip I can give you is to read and reread the script. The more you have read the script, the better you will know the story, know how to do a certain scene, and everything. It will make your job that much easier.
@manya_pearl (1905)
• Singapore
31 Mar 08
I think an actor can really play his role really deep into it... he even really feel the character become the part of him. He never change as other person, but acting to represent himself as another person in another version... Usually the good actor can cry hard in the specific part that really need the sadness... he can cry with eye drops wet his face...