What would you do if you were stressed out at work?

@happi3 (77)
United States
November 9, 2007 11:42pm CST
If your boss was giving you other employee's work to do, and stress you out would you quit your job?
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@nkhanna (925)
• India
19 Nov 07
well to leave the job is the same thing as just running away from problems in life.i think this is definately not correct.if my obss would have given other's work to do i would go to him and polietly ask him the reason for doing so?if its a valid one then definately i would work on the assignments.however if he just wanna put addition burden on me then i would ask him for an explanation as to why i should do this ,since i am not being paid for it.if my boss would be angry with my behaviour then i would appplogize him for the same and would just refuse to do the work,whatever consequences might be.but yes if money is my priority and i cant leave my job because of my bills then i will silently do the work and chage my job as soon as i can.
• Pakistan
18 Nov 07
No, I will never quit my job. I will try to perform well to get more confidence of my boss. I should think that boss is trusting on me. He or she is depending on me and I am becoming an important figure of my office. If I try to make happy my boss will cause the creation of chances of my progress. The people, who use to quit or escape, could not go forward. I should take it as a challenge and I should construct my future on my keen interest and hard work in my office work. This is a key to open the locks of my good luck. Wish you best of lucks happi3.
• India
10 Nov 07
I already have!!! I think I have the strength to carry only my own burdens, not other people's. So the other employees had better do their own work, and the sooner the boss understands this, the better. :) :)