how do you feel if nobody gives response to your discussion ?

November 10, 2007 12:05am CST
actually response is a matter of concern ,besides I really feel disappointed I cant express my feelings.....
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
10 Nov 07
Well, its not that bad and eventually the thread is responded to if it has some meaning. For you and other new members Ashish, you should try to respond to other people's threads so you can get seen by members. Its also a way to express your feelings on topics. If you make good responses to some people's threads they'll come looking for you and may respond to your threads. And when it comes to threads, you have to good topics, something people would want to discuss. Its somewhat hard to do, but not that bad. In my case, even with responding to other peoples threads my threads don't get that many responses. It happens. I'd say be patient though since some people take awhile to respond, and others are going through hundreds of other discussions so its easy to get lost in the crowd. Don't feel bad, some members have gone months without a response to discussion.
• India
10 Nov 07
thanks a lot for your kind support in the matter.
• Malaysia
12 Nov 07
Hi ashish. Thank you very much for that sincere BR!! I appreciate. **prettyhanan**
• China
11 Nov 07
Maybe It is a big problem for me,a Chinese student. sometimes I really want to share my feeling there,But my English is not very well. so if I want to make it better I should study Endlish hardly. I also hope that if someone want to help me improve my English,I will be very glad!
• Malaysia
10 Nov 07
I do feel disappoint because nobody want to read and response my discussion after I put-up the idea. Sometime I think the reason of why do people does not response to my discussion is, my poor English and I could not be able to deliver my intension. As long as I involved in mylot, my discussions never been away from mylot's responders. But I know how does the feeling when our topic didn't get any response. For me, It is not a big problem because I am learning in Mylot!! **prettyhanan**