what bill do you hate paying the most???

@tantal25 (839)
United States
November 10, 2007 12:16am CST
i hate paying credit cards lol.. and phone bills too! how about u?
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@Flight84 (3050)
• United States
11 Nov 07
I hate all bills! Ha ha. I really hate credit card bills too. The phone bill sucks and so does our cable/internet bill. It's the expensive one and it always takes a big chunk of money each month. I have to have my internet though!
@hyzz1982 (1040)
• China
11 Nov 07
nobody like it, just like no one like others take your treasure. i am a ordinatry man. so i aslo hate paying. but i like others pay me. the more the better. :D
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
10 Nov 07
LOL! Me too . Keep telling myself I can pay it off, then there are more bills to pay. But, someday, we will get there. Take care, have a nice day.
• United States
10 Nov 07
I hate paying the bill for my gas card! It seems like credit card bills or phone bills it is more or less your fault how much they end up being because it is considered leisure items. paying hundreds of dollars for gas however seems like it is a necessity obviously because how else would I get to point A from point B? Of course there is the option of public transportation, but then that would just make paying my car payment and car insurance every month pointles too. Especially with the increase in gas prices lately, my blood is starting to boil having to pay this bill.