What do you do if someone slips on ground LAUGH or HELP ?

November 10, 2007 4:07am CST
Generally what it came to see that diferrent people has diferrent thinking whats your opinion.
3 responses
• China
14 Nov 07
of curse help!! if he is hurt,maybe we should call 120~``````
@MGjhaud (20672)
• Philippines
14 Nov 07
Naturally I ask if the person is okay. But there are cases that I only look and see if the person can manage alone especially if the person on the ground is macho-looking guy. It would be awkward to help a bigger guy. But I’d be feeling more helpful than laugh out of it.
@zhai007 (76)
• Philippines
10 Nov 07
I definitely HELP and not laugh! I personally don't want to be laughed at when i am the one who slips, so incase someone slips in front of me i surely won't laugh. I believe in KARMA so i don't think i would do anything that i personally don't want others doind to me.