Do you know World's Biggest Star Ruby was discovered by an accident ?

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November 10, 2007 11:07am CST
Worlds biggest Ruby comes from India. This is a real story occured some 20 years back or so in India. The ruby was stored with a traditional south Indian Family in the form of 'Shaligram' {A stone used for worshipping lord shiva} and was kept seperately as it was difficult for the family to perform the grand pujas to this shaligram. The person who was possessing this Shalkigram is a Lawyer and he tried to donate this Shaligram togetjer with another six to Local temple . but because of red tapism he couldn't do so. Having approached the tyemple authorities several times and got failed he thought perhaps these shaligrams as heard by hiom may contain some Gold in them, his professional and rational brain has inspired him to clean thiose shaligrams. It was for his surprice that the Each of the Shaligram what he was possessing witn him was a Star ruby, which he got confiormed after a detailed study and research and the smalllest ruby which he declared at first was the biggest ruby of the World. Thus one by one he declared all the Seven Rubies which he named on his daughters and wife and one on his own name are standing as the Words biggest star rubuies? Interesting isn't it? Your Comment please !!
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10 Nov 07
dear akrao, yes, this indeed is very interesting!!where do rubies come from anyway, in the mountains? and why was it that the Shiva Temple would not accept them again? what is red tapism? are the seven rubies still in that south Indian's family possession, thanks, stanzi
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