christmas tree

@hunnie (23)
November 10, 2007 11:19am CST
I have a 1 and a half year old son. He is now walking. I'm not to sure how he will react to the tree this year. I am really scared he mite touch every thing and pull the tree down. He also puts every thing in his mouth. Does any one have and suggestions to keep my soon from hurting himself around the tree this year. Thanks Hunnie
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10 Nov 07
The best thing to do is to tell him the tree is off limits. Dont allow him to touch it. I never put the glass ornimates on my tree when my kids were young. Only lights and I made sure they were tucked in well and no cords/plugs showing. Explain to him that the lights are Hot and could burn him. I know there not but he dosent know that. You could also put the tree in a corner with a gate around it so he cant get to it.