Ring around the moon?

November 10, 2007 1:47pm CST
Hi I wanted to know did one else see the ring around the moon the morning of Oct 31. It was about 7am when I saw it. Very beautiful thing to see and it happened to be my birthday so what a wonderful gift it was for me being a Goddess-Child of the universe. When I did my research I understood that it was a similar concept to a rainbow and not many do get the chance to see them and also acording to foklore (witch I belive has some truth to) that however many stars within the moonbow would predict when a storm was coming well I had seen 6 stars and 6 days later our weather here in Toronto changed and we had not nice weather. Pretty cool eh, well I think so. If you would like to check out my info Google-ring around the moon, and the 1st one one the list is were I checked it out. bb:)s happy moon watching
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@lilyruth (724)
• United States
22 Nov 07
Im a night person so I missed it but I rally would have enjoyed watching something as beautiful as that . Im hapy that you had a chance to see it especially on your birthday, I bet that means your going to have a very special year this year so you keep looking at the skies above and you shall always see rainbows. Being a Goddess-child of the universe this is your privilege and not many of us get that chance. Listen I want to invite you to visit me at http://dogcents.blogspot.com and also if you love dogs and hate animal cruelty then do vote for me at http://bloginterviewer.com/animals/dogcents-ruth you can make a difference. Thanks for the add I added you as friend.
• Canada
27 Nov 07
Thanks for your responce. Yes it was very beautiful and yes I did feel that not many had seen it. Thanks for the poitive energy for my year to come, I feel this is going to be a great year for me as well. Thanks for the invite to ur site I will have a look. I am against animal cruelty and have a dog I'll do what I can to help. Thanks for the add and keep watching the skies you may see your moon bow yet. bb:)s