My Mother Actually send me away from Civilization to control me..

November 10, 2007 1:59pm CST
I was not so bad and naughty daughter but my mother think its better if she will send me to her relatives that i dont know , maybe i would be fine and not go around and round and check everything... but her mistakes i still manage to find friends, new friends and go around until i fall from the horse,,,tsk tsk tsk...very bad daughter isn't it? but its not that time that i change... so what about you?
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• Canada
12 Nov 07
Like everyone said, there had to have been reasons. Did she say that you were the only reason you were being sent away? I could have possibly been something else. Back on topic, the fact that you are able to make a post about it here and not sounding like you are the epitomy of a rebellious child means that she wasn't an uncaring parent who just got sick of her child and wanted to get rid of you. You should ask her if there were any other reasons. Granted it may not be the easiet topic to broach especially with a parent depending on who she is but you never know.
• India
12 Nov 07
Only Mother know more about their kids.(whatever may be the age, we are a kid to our mother)Why should not kids give respect to their mother's words. The so called civilization is there every where. It is not control - infact it is care and love. How we take at is all that means....
• China
11 Nov 07
Mothers always have their rights.I think it would be OK that we are naughty all day long.Maybe you could find a best partner for company--that is a dog.I maybe naughty when paiying with my baby dog.You are not a bad girl at all! And I think you are just behave yourselve.So just try to have a communication with your mother.
@alamode (3073)
• United States
10 Nov 07
My aunt was sent away when she was fifteen because my grandmother was having trouble with her. She decided to look at it as an opportunity instead of a punishment. She was one of eleven children... the people she stayed with had only two children and could give her things and attention she didn't get at home. She made good friends with the two children, and went on to have a very happy life. She was always grateful to her mother for 'sending her away'! I would hope it would work that way for you!