Gwen...and Owen?

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November 11, 2007 5:03am CST
ok tonights episode kind of confused me. SPOILER (just in case lol) Gwen and Owen are having an affair..i had the impression that it was rather serious. however, Owne slept with that lady from the plane and pretty much expressed being in love with her. so, ok..he and Gwen obviously arent commited but i felt for the guy you know? my confusion is about Gwen though..she introduces Matt (i think thats his name or Reece?)to the girl from the plane as her i could have sworn that she and he were MARRIED!! does anybody else remember them being married..i pretty sure i even remember her wearing a ring..or am i just losing it lol??
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@krebstar5 (1267)
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13 Nov 07
No, Gwen and her boyfriend are not married. They are living together. I think this is even discussed as an issue with the younger girl from the plane because she is surprised to see two people who are not married living together. As for Gwen and Owen, I think their relationship was more about being lonely and trying to make a connection than actual love. That is why I think Owen was able to fall in love with this girl from the plane.
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15 Nov 07
hmm ok. i think you are right about their hooking up being about lonliness and wanting someone to connect to. i had hoped their relationship would go further..course it might still.
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11 Nov 07
I think Gwen's boyfriend's name is Rhys, and they're not married, just living together.
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12 Nov 07
so its always been just living together? in the first season she never referred to him as her husband? i wonder how i got that then lol oh well...
@duck2day (317)
24 Nov 07
I liked the Gwen / Owen storyline, it added a bit extra to the show. Though i think it would have been better if they hadn't gotten together so soon - more funny oppurtunities for them to annoy each other instead! Lol Though i can't imagein it'd ever go anywhere serious, and as for her boyfriend (they've ever been more than that) i don't know if that will last - it gets less and less important as the show goes on.