Should the Philippines shift to another sports besides basketball?

@raulgc01 (306)
November 11, 2007 11:26am CST
The Filipinos have lots of talents in basketball, but for all we know, the Filipinos lack the height, which is a very important factor in basketball. To get talented tall players, we have to look for Filipinos abroad who have genes of other countries, like the FilAms, FilTongans, FilItalians, etc. I think its time for us to shift to another sports, like the most popular sports in the world, SOCCER. In soccer, there is no need for height, and there are lots of Filipinos who are good in that sports, but shifted to basketball, because there is no money in soccer. But if more and more Filipinos shift to soccer, I think we have a chance to be a world champion of soccer.
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@devilangelo (4525)
• India
5 Dec 07
well . i cant say much about filipinos sports like.. but yeah i agree with ya ..height is an important factor in basketball .. well ..apart from soccer , u guys can shift to pool and snooker as there are already loads of established pool players in ur country like effren reyes , ronnie alcano (9-ball and 8 ball world champion) ,francisco bustamante ..but then .,.its very difficult to change a favorite sport of a country . its gonna take hell lot of time ..
@raulgc01 (306)
• Philippines
7 Dec 07
Yes, I definitely agree with you, it will take us a lot of time, but we have to start, because in order to get there one has to take the first step. Thanks for the response and have a nice day.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
14 Nov 07
I guess, the question is, will the rest of the country (Philippines) willing to change its preference aside from basketball? Baseball is also a thing in our country. We really have great baseball players especially the ones from the countryside. :)
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• Philippines
21 Jan 08
There is one place in the Philippines wherein basketball players suck and people who play football are jocks, that is in Iloilo, i think. Football is the main sport there and the Philippine football team, who competes for international competitions, comes from Iloilo. It's not that they don't know how to play basketball so they play football, but they consider football to play because they think it's the greatest sport of all. After all, Football is indeed the WORLD's greatest sport. They are also good at it. It's just that, they don't have enough support from the sports governing body, The sport is so poor that, The Philippine team coach's former day job is a tricycle driver. (I heard it from a friend)