Hardware vs. Software (music)

software - My perfered software
United States
November 11, 2007 6:27pm CST
Software Synths sound as practically as good as the hardware synths.Only the "puritans" will disagree. There's NO WAY you can determine whether its a computer or "the real thing" playing when you hear it in a song. I've used several analog synths and virtual analog synths as well, the only thing you miss, is the direct touch of the knobs, buttons,and sliders. But there's a way around it, if you buy a keyboard with controlers, you can assign almost ANY knob on the virtual softsynth, and that will definately make the experience much greater. I use Reason 3.0, a COMPLETE software studiorack with drummachines, sampleplayers, vocoders, synthesizers, rex-file players & effects. With it's straight forward interface, it's the most "virtual" easy to use software, if you want to make music fast........
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• Johannesburg, South Africa
21 Feb 15
Its a personal thing. It comes with experience and most of all preference, on what you use. I believe there is no one is better then another. Its all about what works best for you