Symptoms are not visible physically

November 12, 2007 12:31am CST
I am 47 years old and hypertensive according to the diagnosis of my doctor. And i am fond of drinking coffee and fond of eating sea foods which are really a NOT to hypertensive. My problem is, i feel nothing physically whenever i eat all this kind of foods, but when i try to check my BP, it seems that it is going high and tend to be risky on my part. But i wonder why i don't feel anything physically. What do you think is my problem? Can you give some kind of advice regarding my problem? Thanks a lot.
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• Malaysia
21 Nov 07
Hi statickery... Hypertension is a degenerative disease and is also a Silent Killer. Most people do not experience signs or symptoms till it is in the advance stage. Because there is no signs or symptoms, people tend to take hypertension lightly. Some of the signs are dull headache,dizzy spells,poor vision,unable to concentrate or remember things well,etc. Are you aware of the complications of Hypertension? The complications are Atherosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessels),Stroke,Heart Attack,Kidney Failure,Diabetes,Vision loss,etc.. Main cause of Hypertension is poor oxygenation, metabolic disorder (high triglyceride, high insulin level) n prolong use of some prescribed medication. If you now learn to change your internal body environment you will be able to keep your blood pressure normal. But if you sweep your problems under the carpet you might develop complications later in life. I can advice you on natural treatment if you are keen. Works wonderful! Meantime...DONT WORRY. Worrying will make the pressure rise faster.
• Philippines
21 Nov 07
Thanks, mushroomlady. That was a very informative post. I 'll try to heed your counsels. Some of the symptoms you mentioned were really happening to me. So i must be very extra careful. And must follow some of your tips. More power.
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• India
24 Oct 10
Well true, hypertension causes attacks and most health problems, its highly dangerous and hence we should learn to manage hypertension.