which pizza you love the most

pizza with pineapple - Pizza with pineapple toppings,just love it .make them jucier
November 12, 2007 3:54am CST
which pizza you love the most,plz specify the crust,toppings,and other add-ons which you like.. i like to eat on a thin crust ,extra mozerella cheese,with some mushroom , olives ,garlic cloves ..
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12 Nov 07
i like any pizza with extra cheese ... it should be spicy
• China
12 Nov 07
hi, frankly speaking, i have never eaten pizza since born. you know, our country does not like west countries, our main food is rice, some chinese even do not konw what's pizza is, such as my parents, and the people who never eat it is more. maybe it sounds strange to you, but it is the truth. i hope one day i can eat the delicious pizza when i eat it at the first time.
@hopejordan (3566)
• Australia
12 Nov 07
hi there thakurpiyush1 i love my pizza but i love it cold the best and the type of pizza i like is chicken and pineapple pizza. there is one but i cant remember what it is called but it has mushrooms in it i cant stand olives yuk but alot of people love it but not me i like thick crust on mine and i love something with pineapple init but it depends on what sort of pizza it is and with the pizza i buy garlic bread yummy i do like hot but when i cant eat it then i put it in the fridge then get hungrey again i just eat it cold i do like the ham on pizza but it depends what else is on it oh yes there is another topping i love is egg on the pizza and pine with chicken thanks for this discussion