are you the only child of your family?

@wendy805 (261)
November 12, 2007 8:19am CST
are you the only child of your family? how do you feel? i am the only child of my family. i liked to be the only child,because i thought that in this way i could get more love from my parents. but i havve changed my mind since i grew up and something happened to my family. how i wish i had more siblings! so i decide to have at least two children after i get married. and you? if you not married, how many children would you like to have ?
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@monty24 (154)
• India
26 Nov 07
No I am not the only child of my family I have a brother and I am quite happy with what I am.I am not married so question of having children does not arrise and I have not planned anything yet...
• India
12 Nov 07
well i am not only child . i have one elder bro. and on eleder sisiter. but i thinkg that only child will be not good. they love me very much . so, i would like to have 2 kids after marrige.
• India
12 Nov 07
hi wendy805,no..i am not the only child of my parents..i have an elder sister too and i feel great having a sister as she is very helpful and my best friend too..i think its always better to have another sibling with which you can share your happy as well as sour moments of life and needless to say we can enjoy our life more with our siblings than being alone..i also have similar planning like to have at least two kids when i get married and not just one..and even if i am not married i would like to have more than one children.. may be being the only child of parents is good too because i haven't personally felt that as i have a sibling..but as far as i can think its may not be that enjoying as having someone younger or older than you as your sibling..
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
12 Nov 07
i am an only child and i hate even now that i am an adult! when my hubbys family gets together, there are lots of cousins for my kids to play with, but when my family gets together, there is just me. (although my kids like it because they get more presents!!)