Show you opinion to defeat the insomnia!

November 12, 2007 10:57am CST
Nowdays,people live in a world filled with pressure and the phenomenon of insominia is become more and more popular!And it is a chronic killer of peaple!It take the confidence and happyness away from persons who have gotten this illness.So if you have some thing to express ,just speak it out!I think that will help lots of people!
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• Philippines
19 Nov 07
ask someone to massage your back. i find that this really helps soothe tired muscles and help you relax. also make sure that you don't exercise or drink caffeine a few hours before you plan to sleep.
• India
25 Nov 07
warm milk is a very good way
@EMZo03 (213)
21 Nov 07
For me, making lists before i went to bed really helped me with insomnia. All kinds of lists-anything.. I started with "to do tomorrow" lists. That especially helped.. for me it helped I think because my problem was that I couldnt sleep because I would just keep thinking and worrying-not in the normal way, in a weird way- about everything that was going on. I dont know how exactly to explain it, but you might now what I'm trying to say. If you do, I'm telling you.. make the "To Do Tomorrow" lists. Just dont go too crazy..
• China
14 Nov 07
I think insomnia is painful .But almost nowdays people are suffering from it. My friends always keep drinking warm milk before they go to bed ,and avioding drink too much coffee in worktime. They also ask for help from their doctor. Actually,there are many Chinese tradional ways to cure that.I don't know how to express out to you ! Sorry!