keep away from Arc Welding

November 12, 2007 12:16pm CST
Welding is a fabrication process that join materials, usually metals and thermoplastics. This is often done by melting the workpieces and adding filler to form a poor of melten materials that cooled to bacome a strong joint. But some time pressure is used in conjection with heat, or itself, to produce the weld. The most common style of welding is Arc welding that heat the metal workpiece with Arc. You must have seen workers welding two metal workpiece, handling a weld gun, with shielding their face. And a sharp light came out from there. if you have seen the scence, do remenber keeping it away next time for it will burn you eyes.
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• United States
12 Nov 07
Its called Flash burn and it hurts like hell. My husband is a mechanic so he welds all the time. One day he didnt wear his mask and came home with terribly red blood shot eyes. They hurt so bad he couldnt stand the light or even watch tv! He had to wear sunglasses inside and out for 3 days! Poor guy. ALWAYS wear a mask! He also had a piece of metal get caught in his eye. It was small and rusted to his lens. They had to surgicly remove it. Not fun!!
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• China
17 Nov 07
my magor is welding. The more I learn it the more bug i find in it. With out of proper precautions, welding can be a dangerous and unhealthy practice. but you have to commit that welding is a good method to join workpieces though the develoption of its technology is so slowly. Commpare to Electronic technology welding, i think, need more people working for it to prove it. And there are many type of welding, for example, GMAW(Gas metal Arc Welding), resistence welding, enegy beam welding, solid state welding. Automatic welding is also be develped but far from good to use.
• China
16 Nov 07
hello,i konw about welding because i have had a melding class when i was a sophomore. in that class,i practised using Arc to weld two pieces of iron blocks together.