Dream puppy of my beloved wife

JUMONG is my name - I enjoy living with my new family...hmmmmmm!!!!!!
November 12, 2007 9:42pm CST
you know guys its really hard to be inloved but once you loved someone you have to give everything just to make her happy even giving her an expensive puppy.... I saw something special on ads last month then I decided to buy it, because I am so sure that my wife will love it...its baby SHIH TZU puppy, he's saw adorable and very cute pupz, my wife gave a puppy's name "JUMONG" he! he! he! coz we love that korean telenovela, now my wife was so busy with her puppy "jumong" she almost forgot that she has a husband needs her attention. . . . . . I don't regret it guys! so I advise you to buy a SHIH TZU puppy for your special someone................
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