Meditation -- the best way to relieve stress

@venkatre (190)
October 28, 2006 12:51pm CST
Meditation is the best way to relieve stress and helps depression. share your experiences.
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13 Dec 06
Just recntly I found I was getting very worked up wit things. More irritated than usual and worrying all the tiem. My mind was in overdrive constatnly leaving me completely depleted of all energy. That's when I decided to give reiki a shot and along with it meditation. I am a much calmer person now and don't have as many mood swings. And yes my energy levels have increased considerably.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
20 Nov 06
Deep Prayer, Worship and meditation combined, Not only relieves stress and depression for me. But gives me more energy to get more in a day done then I would do otherwise. Meditation also naturally increases seritonin levels in the body, and that is how it works to relieve depression Learning the Basics of Tai Chi, and praying the Rosary are two major forms of meditation that helped me out of my severe depression... As well as my sunrise sunset prayer times, as my depression is SAD so if I make the sunrise and Sunset times sacred I get the good sunlight then, and two hours of bright daylight sunshine and I am fine, and what better times to meditate and enjoy... nature then at the times to watch the world wake up, and go to sleep. - DNatureofDTrain