A Poop Of A Different Color

Anderson, Indiana
November 13, 2007 9:43am CST
Have you and/or anyone you know (besides me, of course, as well as others posting here) ever passed feces or urine (or any other bodily fluid/waste) that has an unusual color or odor? Tell about it and why you think this happened. Here are some examples: Passing white poop with a light-green tinge after making a couple of meals on nothing but mashed potatoes and something to drink. Passing orange poop after a raw carrot binge. Red liquid medicine causing a toddler's urine to be red-tinted and orange medicine causing an old lady's urine to be orange. One kind of water pills turning my urine blue. Feces takes on the odor of a distant skunk after eating Texas cooking with jalapeno peppers in most of the items served in several consecutive meals. Feces, urine, and sweat takes on a sweet, fruity aroma after the completion of a colon cleansing. Urine takes on a light cabbage odor after eating raw asparagus (making it the main course of a meal). Please give other examples.
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• Canada
9 Jan 08
Too funny! And no one cared to share their poop stories! What a bunch of chickens! LOL Well mine just so happened two days ago but it's not because we excessly ate anything. I think we got a bug or something because all of us had a strange greenish (mixed with corn for artistic effect of course), very loose bowel movement that stunk the whole house up. The smell seemed very acidic, burned the nose hairs just to breathe. No one dared to pass gas the next day! Not something I want to repeat again! Thanks for the fun discussion. We need more like fun stories on here! LOL
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