Share Your Interesting Pimple & Blackhead Stories Here!

Anderson, Indiana
November 13, 2007 10:46am CST
WARNING: Might not be best thing to read while eating a meal... Are you a strange (or, perhaps, NOT so strange, should we all confess) person like myself with a certain fascination with blackheads and pimples? Please share your stories here. I'll share a few for starters to let you know what I'm looking for. Let's start with a poem I wrote when I was 18 (some 36+ years ago): "Bored upon the afternoon? Bust your pimples and try to hit the moon!" Here's another one (a limerick) written around the same time: "Hey, Pimple! You cause me disgrace By stubbornly holding your place, But YOU'LL squiggle and squirm Like a little, white worm When I pop you right out of my face!" Anyway, let me share some of my experiences with that material that loves to clog our pores. First, let's go with a pimple story... When I was a teenager, my mom was always scolding me for picking on my face--but it was so much fun pressing down on pimples and blackheads with a squeezer (or reasonable facsimile such as the round end of a safety pin) and watching them come popping and/or squiggling out. It was especially fun to stand close enough to a mirror that a pimple-under-pressure newly released would pop out of a pore and throw itself against the mirror. But my mom (perhaps, a little overprotective at times--but, hey, I'm an only child!) finally laid down the law and told me that, if my face needed picked on, to let her do it so that it wouldn't scar me for life or something. So, I had this zit on my forehead that was actually making my forehead sore, so I handed her the squeezer and asked her to extract it. She wasn't too keen on it, but she complied--but it wasn't budging. So, she was ready to give up and told me that it wasn't ready to come out--and, a split-second later, it came flying out with a very audible popping sound and hit her right in the eye! LOL One time, I noticed that I could see lumps on the back of a friend (an elderly man) through his white t-shirt, so I asked him if those were blackheads on his back. He told me that they probably were, so I asked his permission to check them out--which he granted. I pulled up his t-shirt and went to work. There was one in particular that came out in segments--with the longest one being about six inches long! By the time that I had totally unclogged that pore, there was enough matter (about the thickness of embroidery threads) that, had it come out all at once, it would have been between two feet and a yard long! Okay! I've gotten you started, so DO feel free to share your OWN experiences! I can hardly wait to be entertained!!!
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
18 Mar 13
i have a bad experienced with my pimples started when i was in college because i lost my confident to my self due to my pimples and acne,i bought many kind of creams,soap and even natural facial treatment but still it was many,but when i graduated in college i started to use antibiotic astrengint and erythromycin to prevent pimples in my face.
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• Anderson, Indiana
10 Apr 13
I'm sorry that your experience with pimples was such a bad one. It sounds as if you had them like one of my cousins did where there were a whole bunch of them at one time. I remember when she began to get pimples, there was this guy in her class (seventh grade) who had the same kind of pimples that she did. He had a crush on her, but I don't believe that she returned his crush. However, I thought that they would make the perfect couple because their pimples matched (I wasn't quite ten at the time and in fourth grade). The following summer when I was ten, I came down with the three-day measles. After the measles went away, I still had some marks on my face--and I was really excited when I found out that they were pimples, because I thought that having pimples was so grown-up and sophisticated! LOL I'd learn later that my cousin actually hated her pimples--and, when I got a couple of years older, I ended up being glad that I only had a small amount of them appear at a time (even though, at the time, I was disappointed that I didn't get a face full of them like my cousin, because I thought they looked so fashionable). By the time that I was 12, I was a zit-head (one who found squeezing blackheads and popping pimples to be tons of fun). I'm glad that you got your pimples under control--though I'm sure that you were prettier than you realized you were even back when you had them.
@fyrechsr (293)
• United States
13 Nov 07
Well im not sure I have a story of entertainment value for you but I love "attacking" my boyfriend and popping his pimples. LOL I just cant stand to look at them sitting there protruding out of his body. My children are now getting to the age of puberty and getting them. I have to do a sneak attack on them though lol.
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• Anderson, Indiana
13 Nov 07
Sounds as if you're off to a good start when it comes to becoming a real fan of this activity. Next time you "attack" your boyfriend, really study the sounds, motions, etc. involved in the banishment of pus from pores. If he's lying down while this is being done, do they jump straight up like a startled cat? If he's standing up when this takes place, is the flight distance anywhere near to that of the Wright Brothers' famous flight in Kitty Hawk? One more thing...If you, or anyone else, has written (as I, obviously, have) poetry about this activity, please share it here!!!