do you believe in sibling rivalry?

November 13, 2007 9:05pm CST
well all i can say is that me and my sister dont go together most of the time,,,when we are at home, we usually fight on things, argue on our conflicting opinions and quarrel on authority over our other brother and sisters. and some of my friends also shared that they also experience sibling rivalry in their homes,.. how about you?
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• Philippines
14 Nov 07
i do too... especially when we were kids... i like to do all those boys' stuff because i felt it was unfair for girls to simply stay at home and do household chores. My mom would scold me since i was the only girl then. My mom usually take me to an afternoon nap, i would take note if she's already asleep and try to sneak out so that i can play .... my father would take my brothers out for hunting, biking or other boy stuff... which i felt then was unfair since i was not allowed to go. I think it went when we got to college. We had this small motorbike that i got myself to drive but was not allowed because i'm female.. they allowed by brother... my parents were so tight with and quite loose with my brother.... it resulted into my brother getting somebody pregnant which is now his wife... regrets regrets...
• United States
14 Nov 07
I love my sisters but we do have sibling rivalry. If it came to boys, anything, there was rivalry. Now we laugh at how we used to act.