Why does your discussion get submitted when you didn't submit it?

@dayzz25 (552)
United States
November 13, 2007 11:51pm CST
I typed a discussion and got to the part where you have to tag it....well I notice a couple of spelling errors so I hit my back button so it wouldn't appear under my discussions. Then I retyped my discussion paying closer attention to my grammar. When I went back to discussions I've started it was posted 2 x's. Why does this happen and is there anyway to delete one of them? I think it makes me look silly posting the same discussion 2 x's. Anyone else ever have this happen?
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• Australia
14 Nov 07
by the time you get to adding tags, the discussion has already been posted. i think the only way to remove it would be to report one of them.
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• India
14 Nov 07
Hi dayzz! You said it correct, it is a big problem here on mylot. It also happened to me many times. When I dont submit a disussion, it gets submitted itself. When this happened to me first time, I thought that there is some problem with my computer. when I faced it many times, I realized that its probably a big problem with this site. I also did same as what you did and my discussion was submitted twice. It makes me also look silly when I see my same discussion posted twice. The most irritating thing I feel is that there is no way we can delete these posts that are posted twice....... I also went through another problem here on mylot. Few days ago, I was starting a discussion here. I had two windows opened in my computer screen. In first, I was typing in for my new discussion and in the second window, I was uploading photos in my intrest field. When I finished typing for that discussion and hit the 'Submit Tag' button, I was shocked to see that the picture I was uploading in my second window, got uploaded in my this discussion.I dont know how and why did it happened! I think that there are some technical errors with this site that must me improved..................What do you think?