Should students pay for internships...or be paid?

United States
November 14, 2007 5:08am CST
Just recently, I ran accross my DREAM internship: a writer/photographer for an organization dealing with the Invisible Children of Uganda (for more info visit However, there was a snag when I realized that not only do you pay your airfare, but excluded from the $3000 fee, you have to pay for meals and travel while there. Now, I am just a country poke out in Tennessee, but I feel like I have every right to do this internship as some privileged O.C. kid that actually HAS that money to go do this internship. Shouldn't it be about talent and finding the right person for the job? I realize it's a non-profit organization, but I went on an organized tour of Egypt for way less than that. I dunno, I probably just feel shorted because I really want it and know I can't get it. What do you think?
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