This is really a bad day

November 14, 2007 5:51am CST
Today I have got four customer complains.We all have five work lines.The line which does not get the customer complain has not work for one month.I really got tired of the quality control.It is too bad.I think I am a good worker.I pay most attention to the quality control.But not all the people like me.My company has a popular thinking that is evading duty.They evade duty in different department even in same department.It makes me very sadly.I have thought for several times to leave the company.But I really have several very good friends in our company.Such as Mr.Wang zhigang,Ms.Song yanhua and so on.I also find my department manager is friendly to me.But I can not imagine how to endure the large pressure from the work.So little money,so much work,so funny.I actually have nothing to say about my work. I am sorry to disturb you to read my article. Thank you very much for your reading.
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16 Nov 07
I can sympathize with your present feeling. It seems that everybody will have to get through such experience. The operation of a company is based on the whole system. Do what you should do. It is important to feel conscientious. To relieve the bad mood, or to resign or to engage your spirit with other things after work. I used to do so, it do sometimes work. Set a target for you career. You also should know which work you prefer to. If there is a gap, engage yourself in shortening it. After cerntain time you will approach or even achieve it.
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17 Nov 07
Thank you very much for your reply.
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14 Nov 07
godfather - godfather is my favorite film
sorry to hear that. come on, you will be ok tomorrow. tomorrow, the sun will be a new sun. so do the mood. don't think too much about that.
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15 Nov 07
Thank you very much for your advice.