Name: Where? & What? (What does your name mean & where did your parents get it)

November 14, 2007 4:49pm CST
I'm just new here in myLot and i'm thinking of a discussion that i can post.. Here's the first topic that popped up.. I'd just want to know from where were your names from and what do they mean.. So to kick off, my real given name is Maverick. Story behind is that my father is a movie addict. He even used to own a video shop. He was watching a movie starred by Tom Cruise.. *whoa.. i dont look like him.. not even close*. The movie's TOP GUN. Tom was some pilot who was endorsed by his superior to be trained in an elite pilot school. His alias is "Maverick". My father being a fan of Tom Cruise named me Maverick. Now, there was a scene there when Tom introduced himself to a girl in a club.. *who actually was his instructor* The she asked.. goes this way.. "Didn't your mother love you and named you Maverick?" Curious what my name really meant I searched it in the net.. Then i found out that it originated from a Texas cattleman. *search it in wikipedia* But generally, it's a term suggesting independence of thought and action which really defines me. So that's for my name. What's yours?
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@dreamy1 (3815)
• United States
14 Nov 07
My aunt named me. My name doesn't mean anything in English. My name is a derivative of the Italian word for queen which I imagine is actually from Latin. I hate my name I don't like the way it sounds. Some people think my name is short for another name but it isn't. My name is more popular in Italy than in America.
• Philippines
14 Nov 07
What's your name dreamy1?
• Philippines
15 Nov 07
i have three names. The first one is maria, which is needless to explain. They got the second one from my godmother who happened to be a nun, and that name is the latin term for sky and heaven. My third name was given by a clergy, monsignor then, who is now an archbishop. It's the latin term for lyceum. Why did they get it from the lyceum term then? I was the first baby born to a resident in a lyceum (school) compound somewhere in the northern philippines. So i had the pleasure to get that name.