what is the first thing that makes u fall in love with the other person?

November 14, 2007 10:50pm CST
often we fall in love, but very rare we give a thought that what attracted us to the particular person! for example we may get attracted into another persons looks ,sometimes the persons inner aura, or at times the way person behaves ,interacts with others.since love and loved ones are ever precoius lets share our heart regarding this matter.
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• India
16 Nov 07
nice picture - the love kite
The first thing that really attracts me in a girl is her attitude towards others.i really hate people who are hypocrytic in nature.i would see if she is kind to others,does she have any show off type behaviour,is she rude at others an moreover is she helpful to others.but many a time people go by the beauty of the skin,they never think of what is inside her.i say this because i have seen many of my friends go behind some beautiful girls and finally fall in trouble.i dont say all beautiful girls have a bad character,but when you feel you have a feeling for a girl its better you concider other aspects of her charcter also rather than just her beauty.
• Philippines
16 Nov 07
I easily fall in love with someone who has good heart and and cunning wisdom...
@khateya (265)
• Australia
16 Nov 07
the first thing is the appearence then the characteristic. They both must go together.
@irene_27 (545)
• Philippines
16 Nov 07
Let's all be honest that it's the personal appearance that we first get to see in a person so oftentimes we get attracted physically. It is what gives us the impression of a him. For me the attraction though would fizzle when i get to know him better and found out that his character is the exact opposite of his stunning looks. If that's the case then sorry for him as i'd prefer a man's character over his physical beauty.
• Kuwait
16 Nov 07
For me attitude first then personal appearance comes next, then the life attainment and stability, for sure single is a must before anything esle.
@hyzz1982 (1040)
• China
15 Nov 07
when i saw her the first time. i don't like her. and i hated her. cause she is so rude. but when i get familiar with her. i found she is such a confident girl and such a beautiful gir. maybe her confidence is the first thing i loved her.