travel, have fun and get paid for it.

United States
November 14, 2007 11:04pm CST
you can, if you have your own home-based travel website. get a ytb travel franchise at an unbelivable low price, become a certified travel agent. as a travel agent your travel is 100% tax deductible. save 30% on your mortgage per month. example if you pay $1800 dollars a month, with your own travel agency you can deduct 30% a month, 1800 multiplied by .30= 54o.00 a month (you save) who like paying taxes? much more tax savings!!! only industry where you can deduct 100% on your travel vacations and trips. earn 60% commision on all sales on your website, $1.000 bonus every 6th business purchase and more click etep 3(company presentation) fun and fourtune is only one step away. call me for more ditails on this offer 1(201)218-1315 or just reply to the messege
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