Airport Screeners miss bomb parts!?

@laylomo (166)
United States
November 15, 2007 1:21am CST
This is an excerpt from Yahoo News: Washington - Government investigators smuggled liquid explosives and detonators past airport security, exposing a dangerous hole in the nation's ability to keep these forbidden items off of airplanes, according to a report made public Wednesday. The investigators learned about the components to make a improvised explosive device and an improvised incendiary device on the Internet said purchased the parts at local stores, said the report by the Government Accountability Office. Investigators were able to purchase the components for the two devices for under $159, and they studied the published guidelines for screening to determine how to conceal the prohibited items as they went through checkpoint security. At the end of their testing, investigators concluded that terrorists could use publicly available information and a few cheaply available supplies to damage an airplane and threaten passenger safety. What do you think of this? Of airport security in general? Do you think that there are loopholes in the security at airports? Do you think that the security would get even more invasive and worse?
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@kbanta11 (59)
• United States
16 Nov 07
That justs shows that with technology and ease comes flaws.
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15 Nov 07
I think airport safety is relatively good. Every time I go to the airport (which is often!) they quadruple check me. I always find it very silly because I'm a 21 year old student and I'm white, not Arab. I do dress in all black with skulls and stuff but that's not really unusual. I'm pretty consenting though but it does become annoying when they want to take everything I own out and put it all on a separate tray to go through the scanner. But I have found that some airports are easier to get through than others. I don't mind being searched though, if it makes people feel safer to search me then go for it. I did see a TV show once about how they had a scanner that when you walked through it could show you naked to make sure you didn't have anything strapped to your body that they couldn't see under your clothes and I think that's way too invasive. You can pat me down all you want but I don't want anyone but my significant other or my doctor seeing my bathing suit areas! Hopefully it doesn't come to that!