birthday surprises!!!!!!!!!

Birthday Surprises!!! - Surprise..surprise..surprise!
@hillock (749)
November 15, 2007 1:57am CST
Last sunday was my birthday. Since im away from home, i didnt expect anything. But a day before my birthday, i got a surprise celebration with my cousin. I didnt know that i'll see her on the mall. I receive stuff toys![which i love by the way] and "Ang Pao" with quite a money on it. ^-^ then a box of sweets![so yummy!]. And then last night, we dine out on our favorite restaurant. I thought its just our usual dinner there. But at the end of our meal while im so into solving the suduko, the waitresses came on our table with small cake and a candle on it. And they sang Happy Bday to me! That was really unexpected. Almost all the people on the restaurant were looking at me. I did cry a bit. i did have a chocolate sundae on the house! Weeee! What a knock out birthday celebration! So what about u guys? did someone gave you a birthday surprise? or you did give someone a surprise?
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@Ohara_1983 (4120)
• Kuwait
21 Nov 07
yup, my husband made me a surprise b-day gift only we dont celebrate but i thought he already forget my birtday, because its already 11:30 pm still my husband dont say anything but he told me to open my drawer and bring him some stuff just i found the small gift, then i start to tell him i hate you it's weird ha, over excited and i dont know what to say, we made to my friend's too how many times.
@hillock (749)
• Qatar
22 Nov 07
oh my! thats so sweet! ill probably should also said i hate u. LOL! is ur husband has a bro? wahahaha!
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
15 Nov 07
oh that sounds lovely, sounds like you had a great birthday, thats nice, you must be loved , I am glad it was a great day for you, we need days like that to keep our spirits up, I hope you have many more..
@hillock (749)
• Qatar
15 Nov 07
thank u. i really did have a great birthday. and to know that im so loved despite of me being a prodigal daugther is overwhelming!
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
hi hillock! wow that is so nice indeed. honestly, to answer your question, no, i haven't had a nice surprise birthday party like that. oh i sure to hope that I will have one. but i did get a really surprise bridal shower ( i got two bridal showers, actually, before my wedding). well, anyway, it's good to hear that you had fun during your birthday. take care and God bless!:-)
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
20 Jan 08
Hi hillock, I am quite impressed that your birthday was celebrated in such a unique and fascinated way that is rather admirable. I hope that my coming birthday could be celebrated in unexpected way which could surprise me anyhow. I wonder how the custom of giving ang pao could be fond in your place. I am sorry to miss this old discussion of you earlier. I hope this could bring the sweet memory back to you again, my dear friend. Bye-