One Wish

@venkatre (190)
October 28, 2006 2:09pm CST
Given One Wish to come true -- what would you wish for? is it money, talent, brains OR .. ?
6 responses
• India
28 Oct 06
have a nice day - have a nice day
to get N back in ma life
• China
20 Mar 09
I wish to make friends with you and more people from different countries because I eager to learn various culture.
• United States
28 May 08
I guess my wish would fall under brains...even though I think I am fairly smart. About 9 years ago I was in a bad car wreck that caused some brain injuries. This has caused me a great deal of agony trying to regain my focus and concentration abilities. If I could just have my brain back to the way it was I would be forever grateful!!With those two abilities back I could do the things I've always dreamed of and achieve all of my goals.
@earn4easy (222)
• India
29 Oct 06
Education With education u can own money, talent everything.
@ccoriel (571)
• Philippines
28 Oct 06
i wish for riches in life. i know its not all that matter but let face it, u can makes other happy by helping them. w/o money u cant do it...
• Philippines
28 Oct 06
Like the wisdom of Solomon!