"heart or brain"

November 15, 2007 9:46pm CST
If you fall in love to a friend what is the most good thing you use?so that you can know if it is right to fall in love to a good friend.is it your brain or your heart?
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• China
18 Nov 07
It must be heart. When she leave me, I can feel my heart bleeding. she had refused me once, and I never said i love her to she any more. yes, I will not. but I miss her every night.when i am dreaming, you konw, I can not hold myself.
@atchmon (140)
• Philippines
17 Nov 07
Based on my experience, it is the brain.. Let's say if you to became a couple, then you breakup because of a fight, you just didn't lose a lover, but also a friend.. But that doesn't happen when you two are just friends..
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
17 Nov 07
I think once someone really falls in love the heart does not listen to the brain which I think is where the saying "love is blind" can come into the scene. I don't really think one can control the way you think when in a state of love, but I guess maybe sometimes we should try to listen to what our inner voice is telling us.