I have Factor V Leiden

United States
November 16, 2007 2:18am CST
I was diagnosed with it 2 years ago, when i passed out from multiple pe's. My siblings and my children have all been tested and all are positive but have not mutated. I kinda feel terrible that i have passed this on to my children and grandchildren. Life can be downright mean sometimes. I have a hard time finding the positives in this, i cannot figure the reasoning.
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13 Mar 08
I'm 1 of 8 children that my parents have had together and and my father and his mother both have blood clots my dad in his legs and my grandmother in her lung. After they visted the doctor the doc informed him that he had both genes so that meant that all of us 8 children will have this disorder. I was a high school football star before a concussion and was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome(PCS). This put me in and out of the hospital for months until the docs put in a pic line and i developed 3 clots in my arm and 1 of them extended from my elbow to my heart. I'm 17 it feels that your whole world was taken away from you in an instant but you just have to remember the important things, 1.) your alive 2.) your still have your family there to support you no matter what happens your family will all ways be there. And listening to some Journey "dont stop believin" helps to LOL
@Loen210 (1533)
• United States
25 Jan 08
It is course not your fault at all. I bet every single parent in the world passes on SOMETHING to next generation unintentionally. It's good that they diagnosed you so they know what to look out for earlier. Many others end up finding out for the first time without any notice. Keep that chin up, and be thankful for life. Best Wishes.
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
24 Nov 07
Hi!!! I have been sick with the flu, was not at my computer for a while. How are you feeling? What exactly is Factor V Leiden? Did your parents have it too? What do you mean by mutated? Has not develpt yet? I saw something on tv yesterday, that made me feel like a very lucky person. A young man lost his wife because he was develeping bark all over his body, even his face. His hands were living branches!! So were his feet!! He could not eat by himself because he cannot pick up anything by himself anymore. The idee of this being possible, freaks me out! It started with a small cut on his leg, he did not think anything of it at first, then he started getting bark all over him. I would not have beleived it, if I had not seen it. It was heartbreaking. Then I can say , I am a lucky person. Finding the positives is not always easy. But they are there. I beleive everything has a reason. And some day everything will make sense. Until then, we just have to make the best of what we have. When diffiult days come along, remember there is always someone out there, who has more troubles then we do. Take care, have a nice day.