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my love - she is my love!
November 16, 2007 8:43am CST
which color do you like most? what kind of toys do you like? and what do you do when you are free? i love pink,and hellokitty,and i love shopping!!!!
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• India
16 Nov 07
hello kittypinky!! well, when it comes to talking about different colors in this colorful world then what i like the best is black and even navy blue. Majority of clothes that i wear are usualyy black or navy blue. And these colors make me look even more beautiful....loz....Even the color of the wallpaper which i have in my room is navy blue. I love oceanic waves and fortunety they are also blue. As now i am a teenager, so playing with toys suits a little less on me. But definetly as you said you like hellokity, its really good. When i used to be a child i had a passion of playing with the toy cars. Even at that time i had hotwheels car collection. But this all used to happen in my childhood not nowadays.... When i am free, i love to spend my time in listening to some good music. That makes me feel relaxed and also feel comfortable. When i am not surrounded with some of my good choices of music then i spend my time by going on a long drive to take some fresh air. I love driving. Spending my time in driving also makes me feel relaxed, and also contributes to the experience of driving...........
@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
16 Nov 07
I love the color blue anything that is blue whenever i go out for shopping i just pick the blue ones coz i love blue..