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United States
November 16, 2007 11:00am CST
so, i meet this guy about a week ago. he seems nice enough, but i really have been lukewarm when it comes to talking to him. so, my phone's been off, so he hasn't been able to call me. he texts the hell outta me, tho! i told him that i just want to be friends for right now, but he really likes me and wants us to be together. so, a minute ago, he sent me this text: my heart, gudmorning. how are u doing & d litle girl. we need to see today to discuse issues about our future. text me now i miss u dear. *sigh* okay, let's back up. yesterday, he gave me $20. i was grateful, but now, i don't know if he expects more. and i'm not too sure i want more than that. what should i do at this point without hurting his feelings?
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• United States
16 Nov 07
You need to stop beating around the bush and start being absolutely clear with him about what your intentions are for this relationship. And first and foremost, no more taking money from him. I have learned first step for any relationship or for anyone that you don't want a relationship with, never take money from them. People feel connected with their money and when they give their money to other people, they then feel connected with you and feel like they own you in some way. Or that you owe them. So, stay away from taking money from anyone other than family and/or really good friends (and even then be careful).
• India
16 Nov 07
i totally agree with u nixtickleme...u gave the rite opinion e1 i feel the same thing...all the best.Good luck.
• Canada
16 Nov 07
I dont' think you will be able to spare is feelings on this one. He seems the type that doesn't give up unless your mean about it, the text sounds this way to me. I think your gonna have to be up front with him and just tell him you don't see a future with him right now. or something along those lines. Good Luck Hugs