Remember when there was a free computer craze going on?

United States
November 16, 2007 11:45am CST
Do you remember when there was free computers being given away..I think it's when the e-machines were coming out..Did you ever get one.. Have you seen these new links to free ipods, computer, phones etc.. Don't you think they are all scams? I tried to do one..I said to myself I would finish the pages and pages of survey and see what happens..Well once I finished a survey said you must choose 1 offer from this page..then one from that..etc etc..and when finally I did all that it said you had to find 7 friends to do the very same thing!!LOL I was about pounding my head against the wall trying to finish one wants to go through all that for a free ipod or other. Has anyone here ever received anything from the links that say free .."just complete a short survey"???
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