what's your favorite toppings?

November 16, 2007 2:30pm CST
my favorite pizza topping is pepperoni...what's yours?
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13 Dec 07
My favorite topping for pizza is cheese , pepperoni and mushrooms. And there has to be enough sauce on the bottom. I notice that they aren't putting sauce on like they used to. I hate dry tasting pizza !!!!!!!!!!!
@brimia (6584)
• United States
27 Nov 07
I love lots of veggies on my pizza...tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, sometimes green olives and artichoke hearts.
@izathewzia (5142)
• Philippines
27 Nov 07
I like cheese of all the topings. Pineapple for hawaiian flavor is another favorite. I like hawaiian pizza that is why.
@donna22 (1120)
26 Nov 07
As I am vegetarian and not keen on peppers or mushroom it is plain old cheese and onion for me.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
25 Nov 07
I like a ranch bacon pizza. It has a ranch sauce instead of regular red pizza sauce. Then it has cheese, bacon, onions and tomatoes on top. I also like mushrooms and lots of cheese.
• India
25 Nov 07
some extra cheeze !!!
@elisa812 (3033)
• United States
24 Nov 07
I would have to say that mine is also pepperoni. I like having lots of cheese on my pizza too, but I still always prefer to have pepperoni on it too. I also like having pepperoni and bacon occasionally. :)
• United States
20 Nov 07
I like just plain ole cheese, cheese, cheese, and a lil pepperoni. :)
@jean0827 (306)
• Malaysia
19 Nov 07
cheeseeeeee....i love cheese! more cheese for me please~^^
@missbdoll (1168)
• Australia
18 Nov 07
I like smoked salmon and praws, I also like bacon.
@wiccania (3360)
• United States
17 Nov 07
More often than not I get pepperoni and sausage on a pizza. Mostly becasue those are the toppings my son will eat. When I'm getting a pizza just for me, I like to go for either sausage adn mushrooms, banana peppers and mushrooms or pineapple and ham. I don't really have a favorite topping, it just depends on what mood I'm in. though more often than not the pizza I order has sausage on it.
@luvstochat (6914)
• United States
16 Nov 07
I really like bbz beef pizza with extra cheese. I also like the meatlovers pizza they are really good. The pepperoni' s can be a little too spicy sometimes.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
16 Nov 07
cheese, cheese and more cheese! i LOVE cheese (in case you havent guessed that yet!) but seriously, i like bacon, cheese, sometimes pineapple, sometimes mushrooms. we generally make our own pizza, so we put on it what ever we want.