What do you think about drinking alcohol? good or bad for health?

@mari123 (1862)
November 16, 2007 9:46pm CST
People drink alcohol for a variety of reasons but they are all nonsense . Alcohol does not with anything and is certainly not good for you .In my opinion , I would like to indicate some bad effect of drinking as follows . First , If you drink too much alcohol , It has an effect to health . If you drink alcohol , you will have a disease such as Cirrhosis . Alcohol can destory every organ . Beside , the effect of alcohol is to slow down brain activity . Another reason is drinking is a cause of social problems . If you drink alcohol , you will try other drugs . Drinking alcohol is the factor to increase criminals . Drinking alcohol makes people feel active .You can't control yourself , so you may commit a crime such as raps and murder . In addition, drinking alcohol may be cause of stealing a robbery problem . If you don't have enough money to buy alcohol . In coclusion , drinking alcohol an effect on health and social problen . So the best way is to stop drinking at all . What do you think about drinking alcohol?
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• China
17 Nov 07
In my opinion, drinking is really bad to our health. But I don't hate the person who drinks a lot. You know, sometimes, drinking is needed especially when talking about business. Also sometimes people have great pressure that they need to drink to relax. So we sometimes should show understanding towards them.