happy sound - children's gibberish

@cdparazo (5768)
November 17, 2007 2:24am CST
What is it in children's gibberish that uplifts my mood? and makes one laugh? No matter how tired i am, i can't help be amused or entertained by my daughter who keep on trying to tell be something in her own language. Do other parents like me feel the same too? I get to carried away most of the time that I mimic them and try to speak in their own gibberish.
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
17 Nov 07
I'm not a parent but I get tickeled at my nephew when he talks in his own gibberish. I wish he would talk he is older then 2. He has said words like doggy and kitty cat and last week when my niece was eating something. He went to the kitchen found a big spoon and went to her bowl to get some and he said clear I want some of that. So my mom fixed him his own bowl. So I think he can talk he just is pretending he can't.
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
20 Nov 07
Kids tries to be cute too sometimes and maybe its his way of being cute. LOL! I love kids...though they are so taxing to ones energy but they make me forgot all my worries with their antics.