Shall I still be together with my two-year-younger boyfriend?

November 17, 2007 5:14am CST
I have graduate from university this July, and I am wroking in Music Island now. My boyfriend is still a student, and will graduate from school next July. We are in different provience now. It is far away. But the most importan thing is that I found we can not understand each other very well now. To be exactly, I think he can not understand me.Such as, when I was a grudate, he could not understand how hard to find a satisfactory job, how sad to graduate from school and be apart with him.Now when he is a graduate, he told me that he cand understand my mood in that period.But at present, he can not understand how difficulity I am undertaking. I believe he will understand my mood next year. But I don't think I have so big courage to accept it. Every time, it me to face the new difficulty by myself.The purpose I make a boyfriend is with the hope that he will be able to share the difficulties I effected, like a elder brother, help me, guide me, love me. But now, it seems that I am his elder sister, guide him how to do.I am tired. And I don't like it. Another fact, he is two years younger than me. And it is fact that men looks younger than women when they are older and older.I think I may have to get married three or four years after my graduation. But what about him? He wants to be successful in his work. He wants to buy his own hourse and cars before he got married. How many years will he be successful? I will be older then. I I feel tired now. Evertime we make phone calls, the falling-off is absolutely necessarily. How could I do now? I don't think we will have a brigh furture.But it seems that I am not able to aprat with him at present.Anyway, three years is not a short time.
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