a klutz- clumsy experiences disasters

Saudi Arabia
November 17, 2007 7:59am CST
Hiya Im.afraid I can be quite clumsy,I really hate that about myself and get into sooo much trouble at home. In an Asian society a girl is supposed to be the epitome of grace,and domesticity etc, etc ..and I'm forever bumping into things when I walk, damaging things while vacuuming ...and my latest feat is..oh now this was REEEAlly an accident..but then they all were (sigh) I pureed some tomatoes in the food processor and I poured the puree into the pot i was cooking, it was really big pot and not one I usually use anyway i placed the jug on the countertop.next to the stove. Ten-fifteen minutes later i picked up the jug to wash it ...and lo and behold it had melted from one side and gone all wonky! i wanted to cry!..i still havent informed my mom..i dont think i can even get a spare parts here! why am i so clumsy..please share ur clumsy experiences with me to make me feel better..and advice on how i can overcome...this im 25! my mom sasy it will come wiht practise (oh i hope so) and i should be more careful and in the moment ..i tend to operate on automatic mode..im a contants dreamer..maybe thats why..my mind is not on the wholly bporing task at hand ..perhaps ? please post yur resposnes anything is welcome
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