Does anyone experience the Multiplier effect?

November 17, 2007 6:33pm CST
I joined multiply site thinking that will help me connected to people around the world. Frankly, I dont use it often coz Im not popular in the site. Anyway, do you recommend multiply for networking? How often you visit your account? Any tips to get more readerships?
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• Philippines
11 Apr 08
multiply is more like a public or private blog. People will find you if you have relevant posts. Posts that they want to read. It has helped me connect with people from my country which I share the same interests with. But I don't consider it as networking. If you want to know people from other countries..join a forum.
• Philippines
18 Nov 07
I don't really use Multiply for networking. I mostly use it for uploading pictures, and I only share these pictures with my contacts, who are really my friends. It says on the homepage, "Multiply makes it easier to create, share, and discuss your blog, photos, videos and music with more of the people you know, and less of the people you don't." I for one am cool with this purpose because I only get to share my personal stuff to the people who I really know, so I'm not on Multiply for networking purposes. I visit my site almost everyday to see if my friends have updates or something. If you want a site where you could be "popular", maybe you should try Facebook. I didn't join it for that purpose, but after trying out a few applications on the site, there have been total strangers from around the world adding me as their friend. And it's a really fun site too.