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October 28, 2006 3:11pm CST
Take a read. If you like this, I'll post more. **** SHADOW vs. CLAW – The Battle Begins SHADOW vs. CLAW – Part 1 Deputy Minister Leonid Sklarov returned late to his estate home outside St. Petersburg. Since the free market economy had begun, this had been a regular occurrence. He greeted Nikolai the security man at the front gate and the driver took him to the large oak door at the front entrance. “Good Night, Comrade Minister” said Misha, his driver, “Sleep quickly; you have an 8 a.m. meeting with the Premier!” “I know, Misha,” he replied, “but thank you for reminding me, borscht for brains!” Misha smiled at the name Leonid had called him since they were children. They were the last words he would ever hear from him. “Olga! I’m home!” he called out. No response. “That’s strange,” he thought to himself, “it’s nearly 11:00 o’clock and how could she not be here?” “Olga, are you here?” he called again more loudly. After again receiving no response to his greeting, he hung his suit jacket on the back of one the 4 chairs at the glass-top table in the breakfast nook of the large kitchen, and walked over to the phone to call Nikolai at the front gate. Sklarov asked him, “Has Mrs. Sklarov returned home yet?” “Da, Comrade Minister,” he replied, “She has not left the estate since she returned from shopping late this afternoon at 3:10 pm. Is there something wrong Comrade Minister? Shall I alert the rest of the security staff?” Sklarov smiled and thought, “I can always depend on Nikolai for accurate reports and the typical concern for our safety.” Sklarov replied, “No, thank you, Nikolai. She’s probably just busy trying on all the outfits she bought earlier and can’t be bothered to respond. Well, there goes my retirement! Good Night, Nikolai!” He hung up hearing the big security man’s usual deep belly laugh. Sklarov walked down the long, perfectly kept hallway and stopped to check on his children, Alexei and Ludmila. He looked in and saw them, and closed the door. In the darkness, he didn’t notice that both of his children’s eyes were wide open, their mouths contorted in a silent scream. Both of them died from mauling and exsanguination. Leonid continued down the hallway to the master suite, opened the double doors, entered and closed the doors behind him. He saw his wife sitting on her favorite piece of furniture, the over sewn burgundy and gold satin settee, imported from India for her last birthday, with the brass reading floor lamp lit, her perfectly styled silver gray hair peeking over the back of the headrest. “She’s probably fallen asleep reading one of those decadent romance novels she likes so much”, he thought to himself, “I’ll just wake her with a kiss.” He crossed the ornate Persian rug to the settee. The sight that met his eyes caused his blood to freeze. His beautiful Olga, his wife of 15 years, was dead. Her lovely blue eyes were open wide, her face ripped across one side and then the other as if by claws. Her mouth, like her children’s, was open in the same silent scream. Her throat had been torn, not by claws, but by sharp fangs. She too had been exsanguinated. The final violation to her body was that her torso had been torn open and her heart was gone. Sklarov backed up, stumbled and fell, weeping. He turned and trembling, picked up the receiver to dial Nikolai, but there was no dial tone. Suddenly, he heard a deep growl behind him and a low, sexy female voice said, “I’m afraid it’s dead, and unfortunately so are you.” Leonid looked down slowly toward the nightstand and knew that the small automatic pistol that Nikolai had given him was still there in the drawer. He put the receiver down on the cradle and said, “How can a human being do this to another? I take it you are responsible for this?” “Yes” the voice replied with a definite smile, “How do you like my handiwork, Comrade?” “Well, someone may choose to reward you with gold, he replied, but I have another metal in mind!” With a sudden movement, Sklarov quickly extracted the gun from its hiding place and whirled to point it in the direction of the taunting female voice. He hesitated for only a split second. The woman raised her hands in surrender. She was absolutely breathtaking. She wore a two-tone purple bodystocking that covered her from neck to toe, even her hands. The sleek garment fit so tightly it was difficult to distinguish if the woman was indeed wearing a stocking or some kind of body paint. A purple circlet type belt hung low on her shapely hips and the yellow inserts on it seemed to glow. A mask covered what appeared to be one of the loveliest faces Leonid had ever seen, with openings for her beautiful green eyes, which also seemed to glow dimly with an eerie light, and purple lipstick covered mouth. Her hair was a very dark iron-grey color and was styled in the front as if she had horns. She didn’t seem to have any weapons that he could see. All these observations took a fraction of a second, and Sklarov quickly snapped back to reality. “Whoever, whatever you are," Sklarov declared, “Now you will pay for my wife’s death!” “Oh, don’t forget the kids, they’re dead too.” the woman replied. She then showed a wicked smile; enjoying the mental torture she was putting him through. Tears welled up in Leonid’s eyes. “Who are you that you could do this? How could you kill 2 innocent children?” “I thought they’d taste good, she replied, “and I was right, they were sooo delicious, mmmmmm.” “You’re insane!” he shouted. “No,” she replied, “I’m hungry.” The wicked smile broadened and revealed razor sharp fangs. The rage he then felt, he’d never experienced before in his life. “Well then, how about a little snack?” He said through his teeth,"How do they say it in the American westerns,"'Eat lead, sucker!’” Then he pulled the trigger. About 4 or 5 empty clicks later he realized he’d been outwitted. “Comrade Minister, do you really think I wouldn’t have had all the time in the world to search this room and unload your gun?” she asked laughing. “Then why didn’t you kill me when I came in?” he asked. “And miss the fun of you discovering the aftermath of my feeding, and watching your pain, sorrow and then rage at the fact that there’s nothing you can do about it? Oh no, I couldn’t miss that!” She lowered her hands and stood on the balls of her Lycra covered feet. “Now I think its time for that snack you offered me earlier.” she said licking her ample purple lips. A low purring growl came from deep within her shapely body as she slowly circled him and backed him toward the bed. Leonid stood nearly a full head taller than she did. “She may be a skilled assassin," he thought to himself,"but I am Leonid Alexei Sklarov, Deputy Defense Minister of Mother Russia and I’m not going down without a fight!” He punched her several times in the face, putting his whole 200-pound weight behind it, but it did no good. She grasped him by the throat and effortlessly lifted him into the air. “A man in his late fifties and still so feisty? I’m going to enjoy feasting on you!” She threw him 10 feet through the air and into middle of the bed. She clenched her fists and foot and a half long, razor sharp metal claws unsheathed themselves from the backs of her hands. She then crouched to leap upon him, but stopped for an instant and said, “You asked me earlier who I am, you may call me Purple Puma and oh yes, I’m still hungry.” With that she uttered a puma-like scream and pounced on him. Leonid didn’t get the chance to scream. TO BE CONTINUED…?
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